If it has been long since you have created your website and have not done much to it since then, then it might as well serve you good to think about redesigning it altogether. Let us illustrate some reasons why you ought to give a thought to the redesigning idea.

To Make Your Website More Attractive

It might have been a long time since you put your website on the internet. Times have come and gone but your website remains the same. If this is the case with you, then it is high time you redesigned your website. To keep your business at par with the changing environments, it is very necessary that you have a website to match. Your website should go in sync with today’s techno age and reflect the same.


Another major reason why should consider redesigning your website is that your website might be all disorganized. There might be information all scattered on your website without any rhythm or reason. This can be a major scare to the visitors who would get confused and leave. Redesigning the website lets you organize the information in a systematic and neat way and make the overall look more professional. Consequently, your website traffic also goes up

Re-Styling the Right Way

Style is the most important factor of a website. Think about what will appeal to the tastes of your target audience and design a website based on it. The website style should include what is most suitable for your business and what will benefit it. If you decide to get your website redesigned, you will be able to have a website developed for the style which you are looking for. This can lead to the overall success of your website 

Promotion of the website

Website redesigning is an important tool in the promotion of the website. And every company, aims for website promotion in a bid to promote their business. By redesigning your website, you will have fresh content and information on it that is up to date and will be more relevant to the searches and needs of the customer.

Also the search engine spiders will have more reasons to index the content on it.

Improved Website Optimisation

Your website will be listed on the search engine database. But to further optimize it than it already is, will take a bit of an effort from your side. Websites are arranged according to the relevancy and matching of keywords with a particular search item. And in order to increase the search engine optimization of your website, redesigning it will be the best bet. The best keywords will be chosen, to make your website more effective in search engines. For the best search engine optimization strategies and to increase website optimization, you should definitely consider having your website redesigned.

Make the content more Appealing

Another reason to redesign your website might be to make the content information on it more appealing and easier for visitors to understand. The words on your website can make a huge difference to the traffic inflow you have and thus work wonders for your business. And also it will help move your site up in the search engine ranking database. 

Add new & improved graphics

New and improved graphics can go a long way to make your website more popular. It can make your website more appealing and add on to the style. Redesigning your website will enable you to do away with the old graphics and replace them with new and advanced ones. 

Make the Website more User-Friendly

You only get one chance to prove that your website is good enough. If the users don’t find it easy to navigate the site at the first go, there is no chance they will try it out a next time. By redesigning the website, you can improve on the navigation pathway of the website and make it easier for the users to browse through. It will again bring in lots of traffic. An understandable website can lead to the overall success of your business, by increasing the sales that you get. 

Improve the professional appearance

Website redesigning also gives you an opportunity to give a more professional look to your website. If you started out very amateurishly, it is the best chance to revamp it altogether. A professional looking website gains more credibility in the market and looks more legitimate. As a result you gain more sales and your business flourishes

Match Your Competition

If your website has been there for long, chances are bleak that it is updated. To compete against the new players in the industry, you will need to be at par with all that they have to offer. Redesign your website and make it as good as your competitors and even better. 

When you create a new website the first thing that you are most likely going to be anxiously waiting for is Google to index it so your new website or blog can be found on the world wide web. Normally you have to wait for the Googlebot to crawl your website for any new content before it can be added to the Google index.

So how can we speed up the process so this happens as quickly as possible? Here is the very basics related to how all new website content is crawled and indexed on Google, including some fantastic new ways to get the Googlebot onto your website or online shop to index your latest content as soon as possible.

What exactly is Googlebot, Crawling, and Indexing? 

Before we go ahead and reveal some great tips to attract the Googlebot to your website, let’s just briefly start with what the Googlebot is exactly, we will also look at the difference between both indexing and crawling.

The Googlebot in its simplest form is the search bot computer program that Google sends out to gather information on all domains with a web presence. It will then add the collected information to Google’s searchable index.

Crawling is the process the Googlebot performs to browse from website to website, finding all your new and updated information to report back to Google. The Googlebot simply finds what to crawl using links.

Indexing which if you are reading this article you would have heard of – is the processing of the found information collected by the Googlebot software from its crawling activities. Once the new information is processed, it will be added to Google’s searchable index if the content discovered is determined to be quality content. During the indexing process, the Googlebot processes each word on the web page and where those words are found. Alternative information such as your elements title tags and ALT attributes are also analysed during the indexing process. Moreover how does the Googlebot find new content on the world wide web such as brand new websites, online shops, blogs etc..? It all starts with website pages captured during the previous crawl processes and also adds in any sitemap data provided by webmasters through their webmaster tools. As the Googlebot browses web pages previously crawled in the past, it will detect new links on those existing pages and if any new links are found they will be added to the crawler list. If you want more details, in relation to Googlebot or how crawling works you can read about both topics in Webmaster Tools Help. Now we will have a quick look at how to implement sitemaps on your existing or new website and create a link to it which will assist the Googlebot in discovering your new content.

How to Get New Content Discovered By Googlebot 

Here are some fantastic ways to get your new content found by Googlebot. The best part is that some of the following information will assist you in receiving more referral traffic to your website! 

Create a new Sitemap –

A sitemap is a XML format document which is located in the public_html directory of your server that lists each page or post on your website. It allows search engines to be made aware that new pages have been added and how frequently to check back for changes on specific pages. For example, you might require a search engine to come back and check your shop page daily for new products or other new content. If your are one of the thousands of users currently using a website that is built on WordPress, you are able install a plugin called Google XML Sitemaps plugin which can be made to automatically create and update your sitemap on your behalf as well as resubmit it to search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Submit your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools –

The very first place you should take your sitemap for a new web site is Google Webmaster Tools. If you don’t already have an account, create a free Google Account, then sign up for Webmaster Tools. Add your site to Webmaster Tools, then follow and go to Optimisation > Sitemaps and add the link to your web site sitemapto Webmaster Tools to notify Google about it and the webpages you have already published.

Submit URL’s to Search Engines –

Submit your website URL to Google by signing into your Google Account and going to the Submit URL option in Webmaster Tools.

The Results

Once your new web site is indexed by Google, you will be able to find your web page or site in the search results. You may also start to see increased traffic from Google search. One of the best ways to guarentee that your content is discovered fast is by simply sharing it via social media on status updates including a link to the webpage or blog post.

As you may know, in the realm of SEO, backlinks are an important factor which are taken into consideration when Google decides how to rank a website. Submitting your website to various different business directories is just one part of the process for building a website backlink profile.

Not only do most business directories provide a direct link to your website but they also help with business exposure. Search engines such as Google; Bing & Yahoo eventually learn to recognise your business by collecting data from all over the web which includes location; telephone number and the type of business being operated.

Below we’ve provided a completely free list of UK business directories which you can use to obtain valuable website backlinks to help improve your SERP (Search Engine Rank Position). All of these business directories are loved by Google and can be quickly indexed once submissions go live.

Please remember, when submitting to these business directories it’s advised to always carryout a quick search to see if your business is already listed on the directory as there is nothing worse than spending time repeating an already completed task.


Directory NameDirectory URL
118 Onlinewww.118-online.co.uk
Approved Businesswww.approvedbusiness.co.uk
Scoot www.scoot.co.uk 
Cylex UK www.cylex-uk.co.uk 
Thomsonlocal www.thomsonlocal.com
Touch Local www.touchlocal.com 
Biz Wiki UK www.bizwiki.co.uk 
Hotfrog UK www.hotfrog.co.uk 
192.com www.192.com 
LinkedIn www.linkedin.com 
Yelp www.yelp.co.uk 
Yell www.yell.com 
BrownBook www.brownbook.net 
Opendi www.opendi.co.uk 
FreeBD www.freebd.co.uk 
B99 www.b99.co.uk 
UK Small Business Directorywww.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk
Business Line Directory www.businesslinedirectory.com 
Yalwa UK www.yalwa.co.uk 


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