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High-quality Surveillance Systems.

4K CCTV systems supplying robust security and surveillance systems to premises across the UK. A great surveillance system is a must for any business, providing you with the assurance that when something goes wrong, there is always a watchful eye.

At TWMG we can supply and set-up your CCTV Surveillance system, and along with our expert knowledge of technology and networks, provide 24/7 monitoring and playback, with regular backups, and other security measures. We ensure you are always covered. 

One provider, all things tech |We're rated excellent on Trustpilot. Read our reviews


One provider, all things tech.

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot. Read our reviews here:


CCTV System - 1080p install

1TB Hard Drive

This package includes an NVR system & single 1080p camera with playback up to 22 days with 24 hour 1080p recording.
from £495.00

CCTV System - 4k install

1TB Hard Drive

This package includes an NVR system & single 4k camera with playback up to 5 days with 24 hour 4k recording.
from £625.00

Offsite CCTV backups

Keep your recordings safe and prepare yourself for disaster recovery with our offsite cctv backups solution.
from £60.00

Why we provide the best solution:


Being able to rely on your surveillance system when something goes awry. We supply our CCTV to assure it will always be the watchful eye when something is amiss. 


With our surveillance set-up, you will have 24/7 recording of streams, and the capability to play back any camera recording at a moments notice.


We can provide the possibility to view and monitor camera streams live, from anywhere with an internet connection. As well as other monitoring methods, such as notifications. 


Exceptional surveillance network technology, ensuring 100% uptime and reliability in a crisis.


Surveillance technology experts, giving professional, specialised services to businesses, small to enterprise grade. 

North Wales CCTV Solutions

Business CCTV Surveillance

At TWMG we supply and install CCTV Surveillance systems for UK businesses of all caliber, from small to enterprise. Our team of experts have years of experience with CCTV systems and networks, this enables us to ensure that your business will be covered 24/7 by excellent surveillance solutions.

Supplying various CCTV hardware, Wired & Wireless Cameras, IP Cameras, CCTV DVR & NVR, and more.

24/7 Monitored CCTV

Surveillance networks set-up to constantly record each camera stream, assuring 24/7 recording and playback. We can supply monitoring solutions to meet a large variety of requirements, live viewing software, playback software, live viewing hardware, control software. Scalable storage solutions to allow months of recordings.

CCTV Surveillance Services UK

TWMG have a team of expert surveillance and network engineers, with a wealth of experience. We are capable of providing cutting-edge, reliable surveillance solutions for all businesses from small to enterprise. Based in the UK we work nationwide to supply businesses with the security of surveillance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The cost of your surveillance system will depend on the scale of your requirements. CCTV coverage for small business or premise will inherently be cheaper than an enterprise level business. 

Reach out to us using the on-page form, or call or email us at 0800 254 5504 & for a quick quote for your requirements. 

If you want to protect your business equipment, premise, employees and customers, then CCTV is advantageous for you. 

Knowing your requirements of the CCTV system will need more thought. How many cameras needed? How much storage needed? Which recording/playback solutions are best for you? All of this needs to be considered. 

We can help you get the perfect solution. Reach out to us using the on-page form, or call or email us at 0800 254 5504 &

IP Cameras are the latest CCTV technology. They can achieve a higher resolution that standard HD CCTV cameras, and can connect directly to switches on a local network. This adds the extra benefit of running an IP CCTV system over an already existing computer network. 

DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder, and it is a device records footage from CCTV cameras, onto hard drives. A DVR has a select number of inputs for cameras, most commonly, 4, 8 16, and 32.

An NVR is a Network Video Recorder, used of recording footage from IP cameras. It works the same as a DVR, but is designed for IP cameras.

Yes. There is an app and PC software available that allows for viewing from all devices, as long as there is an internet connection. 

If powercuts are a common occurrence, we can provide and recommend an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

Otherwise, after a powercut, once the power is back the system will power back on. 

Multiple factors can affect this. From the quantity and quality of cameras, as well hard drive size. To record the best quality from all cameras for long periods of time, more storage will be required. Storage can be scaled to meet your requirements. 

When your CCTV recording storage is full, the DVR or NVVR will overwrite the oldest footage in the storage, so the system is constantly recording. 

Yes, the cameras can use motion detection. This can be used to limit recording to only when motion is detected in the cameras view, often saving on storage.

Yes, using the app for mobile devices or the software for computer, as long as you have an internet connection you can view live and recorded footage. 

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