What is WordPress Migration?

Migrating your WordPress website means to transfer it from one hosting platform to another. For example, often after the website development process is complete, the website will be transferred (migrated) to a new hosting platform to make it live. Also if you switch to a new website host, you will need to migrate your website to the new hosting server. It can seem like a daunting task, but it can be quite simple.

How can I migrate my WordPress Website?

There are multiple different ways to migrate your WordPress site. You can do it yourself manually with 2 methods. First being installing and using a WordPress migration plugin on your website. Second being downloading all website files via ftp and reuploading them to the new website location. But if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are a lot of people to hire to do it for you.

Method #1 – Plugins

There are various plugins available to download your website files and databases, and upload them to the new hosting platform.

One of the most popular plugins is UpdraftPlus. After installing this plugin onto your site you can create a full backup and then download the backup to your computer. After this you can go to your new blank WordPress website and install UpdraftPlus there also, and restore the website using the backup stored on your computer.

Method #2 – Manual Download & Upload

For this you need to access your website files and database manually via FTP, then download them to your pc, and upload them to the new website.

You need to access both hosts with FTP(FileZilla), as well as access to the databases(phpMyAdmin).

You will need to download all files within the website directory to your system, and use phpMyAdmin to access the database and export that to your PC. Once you have everything downloaded, you have to repeat this process in reverse, to your new host. Uploading all files downloaded from the old host website directory to the new website directory, and importing the database into phpMyAdmin.

Method #3 – Hire a Developer  

Hiring an expert to migrate your website can be a lot more efficient and less stressful.

Finding someone to complete this process for you is the simplest method. WordPress is the most popular CMS, so finding someone to complete the task is easy. We offer a website migration service, if you need your website migrating you can contact us here.

If it has been long since you have created your website and have not done much to it since then, then it might as well serve you good to think about redesigning it altogether. Let us illustrate some reasons why you ought to give a thought to the redesigning idea.

To Make Your Website More Attractive

It might have been a long time since you put your website on the internet. Times have come and gone but your website remains the same. If this is the case with you, then it is high time you redesigned your website. To keep your business at par with the changing environments, it is very necessary that you have a website to match. Your website should go in sync with today’s techno age and reflect the same.


Another major reason why should consider redesigning your website is that your website might be all disorganized. There might be information all scattered on your website without any rhythm or reason. This can be a major scare to the visitors who would get confused and leave. Redesigning the website lets you organize the information in a systematic and neat way and make the overall look more professional. Consequently, your website traffic also goes up

Re-Styling the Right Way

Style is the most important factor of a website. Think about what will appeal to the tastes of your target audience and design a website based on it. The website style should include what is most suitable for your business and what will benefit it. If you decide to get your website redesigned, you will be able to have a website developed for the style which you are looking for. This can lead to the overall success of your website 

Promotion of the website

Website redesigning is an important tool in the promotion of the website. And every company, aims for website promotion in a bid to promote their business. By redesigning your website, you will have fresh content and information on it that is up to date and will be more relevant to the searches and needs of the customer.

Also the search engine spiders will have more reasons to index the content on it.

Improved Website Optimisation

Your website will be listed on the search engine database. But to further optimize it than it already is, will take a bit of an effort from your side. Websites are arranged according to the relevancy and matching of keywords with a particular search item. And in order to increase the search engine optimization of your website, redesigning it will be the best bet. The best keywords will be chosen, to make your website more effective in search engines. For the best search engine optimization strategies and to increase website optimization, you should definitely consider having your website redesigned.

Make the content more Appealing

Another reason to redesign your website might be to make the content information on it more appealing and easier for visitors to understand. The words on your website can make a huge difference to the traffic inflow you have and thus work wonders for your business. And also it will help move your site up in the search engine ranking database. 

Add new & improved graphics

New and improved graphics can go a long way to make your website more popular. It can make your website more appealing and add on to the style. Redesigning your website will enable you to do away with the old graphics and replace them with new and advanced ones. 

Make the Website more User-Friendly

You only get one chance to prove that your website is good enough. If the users don’t find it easy to navigate the site at the first go, there is no chance they will try it out a next time. By redesigning the website, you can improve on the navigation pathway of the website and make it easier for the users to browse through. It will again bring in lots of traffic. An understandable website can lead to the overall success of your business, by increasing the sales that you get. 

Improve the professional appearance

Website redesigning also gives you an opportunity to give a more professional look to your website. If you started out very amateurishly, it is the best chance to revamp it altogether. A professional looking website gains more credibility in the market and looks more legitimate. As a result you gain more sales and your business flourishes

Match Your Competition

If your website has been there for long, chances are bleak that it is updated. To compete against the new players in the industry, you will need to be at par with all that they have to offer. Redesign your website and make it as good as your competitors and even better. 


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